Region of opportunity 6

Srednogorie, Bulgaria

Srednogorie, Bulgaria

Water reuse sector:
Metal recovery from mining wastewater

Leading partner: 

University of Bologna
Municipal water reuse in agriculture


  • The region is rich with raw ores such as copper and precious metals, which characterize the landscape. However, the mining industry in Bulgaria exerts a notable influence on water resources, affecting both usage and quality.
  • There’s a rising local interest, driven by the populace, politics, and stakeholders, in safeguarding the environment and preserving water resources. This is accompanied by the imperative to uphold EU directives and regulations on wastewater treatment.

Expected benefits:

  • Identify guidance on prioritizing metals for recovery and evaluate the techno-economic viability of extraction processes.
  • Identify innovative WACES (Water Circular Economy Solutions).
  • to facilitate metal recovery from mining wastewater.
  • Augment metal stocks while preventing water resource pollution.