Region of opportunity 4

Peloponnese, Greece

Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions, France

Water reuse sector:
Indirect potable reuse

Leading partner: 

Indirect potable reuse


In this area, water scarcity poses risks of potable water shortages, exacerbated by climate change and the growing tourism sector. To address this challenge, a groundbreaking demo-site project, known as the Jourdain project, is underway from 2022 to 2026. It marks the first initiative of its kind in the EU, paving the way for full-scale implementation post-2026 and replication in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire.

Expected benefits:

  • Identify and select innovative WACES (Water Circular Economy Solutions)
  • for treatment and monitoring.
  • Test selected technologies, practices, and approaches on the Jourdain demonstrator as an open living lab to overcome barriers before full-scale implementation.
  • Share findings and lessons learned with other sites in Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, and across the EU.
  • Develop risk management plans and measures to ensure public acceptance of WACES.