Region of opportunity 5

Peloponnese, Greece

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Water reuse sector:
Municipal water reuse in agriculture

Leading partner: 

University of Bologna
Municipal water reuse in agriculture


Emilia-Romagna stands as one of Italy’s primary agricultural hubs, contributing around 10% to the nation’s agricultural sector value, with a focus on cereals production. However, water scarcity and climate change heighten risks for food production in the region. While water reuse is recognized locally as a potential solution, its implementation remains limited, despite existing agreements between water utilities and irrigation consortia.

Expected benefits:

  • Identify innovative WACES (Water Circular Economy Solutions)
  • to facilitate planned reuse of municipal wastewater.
  • Ensure adaptation to EU regulation constraints, including the development of risk management plans.
  • Increase adoption by regional operators of WACES through knowledge sharing from local Research and Development initiatives.