On April 25th, Algeciras hosted the II Women Leaders Forum, organized by Combo Comunicación under the theme “Women and the Green Economy: Creating Value through Equality.” This event brought together various experts and professionals to discuss the role of women in the transition towards a greener and more sustainable economy. BOOST-IN was honored to be represented by Ángela Magno Malagón, the project’s coordinator, who shared insights on how BOOST-IN serves as a valuable tool for innovation in the water sector. 

BOOST-IN is a Horizon Europe-funded project that aims to drive circular economy practices within the water sector. The project promotes technological advancements, governance changes, mindset shifts, and organizational restructuring to encourage water cycle closure, reuse, and the recovery of energy, nutrients, and by-products from wastewater. With a three-year duration, BOOST-IN operates in six strategically selected regions across Europe and is coordinated by BIOAZUL, with 12 partners from 9 EU countries. 

At the event, Ángela Magno highlighted the importance of considering the role of water in the circular economy, a critical aspect often overlooked. She also emphasized BOOST-IN’s commitment to gender equality and described how balanced teams can boost productivity and creativity in R&D projects. The discussion was a valuable opportunity to underscore the project’s dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs and innovators in the water sector. 

The forum included a panel of experts, moderated by the Executive Director of Fundación Campus Tecnológico Algeciras, where they analyzed the challenges and opportunities of the Green Economy from both a general perspective and within the context of Campo de Gibraltar. 

The roundtable discussion, titled “Women in the Green Economy: Future Strategies and the Role of Business,” explored strategies for the future and the role of business in the Green Economy, highlighting the valuable contribution of women to this important sector. Ángela Magno reiterated the significance of supporting women entrepreneurs and innovators in the water sector and how BOOST-IN is committed to this vision. 

The debate, moderated by Manuel Jesús Villalobos Márquez, a technical advisor from CADE La Línea de la Concepción – Andalucía Emprende, featured notable participants, including Verónica Ruiz Ortiz, Deputy Director of Students at the School of Engineering at Algeciras (ETSIA); Ángela Magno Malagón, Project Manager R&D and Director of Communication and Marketing at BIOAZUL; Cati García Delgado, President of the Federation of Women’s Associations in Campo de Gibraltar; Mayte Sánchez Delgado, Businesswoman and General Manager of Sedeño Instalaciones e Ingeniería SL; and Paola Alpresa Gutiérrez, Aeronautical Engineer, Organic Farmer, and President of Asociación en Clave Rural “La Polvorilla Los Barrios.” 

BOOST-IN expresses gratitude to the organizers and everyone involved in the event for the opportunity to share ideas and work together for a more sustainable and equitable future. The project looks forward to continuing its commitment to the Green Economy and gender equality through BOOST-IN and other innovative efforts.