BOOST-IN has extended the deadline for the call for innovative circular economy solutions across Europe to August 18, 2024. This ambitious program seeks to spotlight and support cutting-edge water solutions that can significantly contribute to sustainability and efficiency in the industry. Check al the info for the call at the official webpage.

The BOOST-IN Opportunity

BOOST-IN is offering an unparalleled opportunity for innovators in the water sector to showcase their groundbreaking solutions on a global platform. Participants in the program will benefit from a host of advantages designed to enhance their visibility, network, and resource access.

Key Benefits for Participants:

  1. Global Visibility: Selected innovators will have the chance to present their solutions on an international stage, gaining exposure and recognition.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Participants will connect with potential collaborators, investors, policymakers, and end-users, fostering valuable relationships.
  3. Access to Resources: BOOST-IN provides support services, funding opportunities, and expert guidance to help bring innovative ideas to fruition.
  4. Market Insights: Assistance will be provided in developing tailored solutions and sustainable business models, ensuring market readiness and competitiveness.
  5. Join Water Europe Marketplace: Innovators will gain access to a dedicated platform for promoting business opportunities in the water sector.
  6. Capacity Building: The program includes training sessions and workshops to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge.
  7. Recognition and Validation: Being part of BOOST-IN will enhance credibility and reputation within the industry.

Seeking the Best in Circular Economy Solutions

BOOST-IN is on the lookout for innovative technologies, processes, and digital solutions that align with the principles of the circular economy in the water sector. Additionally, the program welcomes training and advisory materials that support the development of a sustainable water economy.

How to Apply

Innovators interested in participating can submit their applications via the online platform at BOOST-IN Application Portal. The application process involves filling out a detailed questionnaire to provide insights into the proposed solutions.

Application Deadline: August 18, 2024, at 23:59 CEST