BIOAZUL convened the Kick-Off Meeting for BOOST-IN in Malaga on January 23rd and 24th. This milestone gathering brought together the 12 partners forming the project consortium, laying the foundation for the initial steps of the project. The ambitious nature of BOOST-IN necessitates collaborative efforts at both the EU and regional levels, focusing on six Regions of Opportunity: Lowery Saxony in Germany, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, Bretagne and Pays de la Loire in France, Srednogorie in Bulgaria, Peloponnese in Greece, and Andalusia in Spain. These regions have been strategically selected based on their potential for circular economy implementation, driven by external factors such as water scarcity, end-user needs, policymakers’ interest, existing social barriers, and strong connections with project partners.

Working closely with stakeholders in these regions allows the project to identify specific challenges and opportunities for implementing Water Circular Economy Solutions tailored to the local context. During the kick-off meeting, consortium members shared insights and visions, outlined key strategic steps to address water management challenges, and discussed the application of circular economy principles. The meeting placed significant emphasis on the innovation scouting tasks, exploring effective ways to identify and engage innovative technologies in project activities.

Furthermore, the meeting delved into exploring potential synergies with the sister project CIRSEAU, funded by the European Commission. This strategic collaboration promises to enhance ongoing initiatives and maximize the impact of both projects in the water and circular economy realms.

In conclusion, the inaugural meeting of the BOOST-IN project was a resounding success, marking a promising start for the team. Consortium members are enthusiastic and committed to collaborating on addressing water challenges and fostering innovative solutions within the circular economy.